• Introduction
Our curriculum and programs cover four main research areas:
  • Power Electronics and Power Systems
    • Electrical Machinery, Power Electronics (Universal Power Supply, UPS, Static Factor Compensators, Active Filters, EMI Control, Solar System), Electrical Control (DC and AC Motor Control, Server Motor Control), Theories of AC and DC drives, Power System Control, Artificial Neural Network Fuzzy Applications of Power Electronics and Power Systems, and Industrial Power Distribution Design.
  • Automation and System Control
    • Engineering Control "including linear and nonlinear systems analysis", Digital Control, Optimal Control, Adaptive Control, Intelligent Control, and Electrical Control; Robotics, including Computer Vision, Graphic Recognition, Computer Graphics, and Fuzzy Control.
  • Information and Networking
    • Computer Networks, Mobile Communication Networks, Local Area Networks, Wireless Local Area Networks, Protocol Engineering, Phonetic Processing, e-Learning, Distributed Systems, Multimedia System Design, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems (Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Computer Graphics), Bioinformatics, Embedded Systems.
  • Integrated Circuits and Systems Design (ICSD)
    • System-on-Chip (SoC), Electronic Design Automation / Electronic System Level (EDA/ESL), Testing/Verification, Placement and Routing, Design for Testability (DFT), Embedded System, Real-Time Operation System (RTOS), Mixed-Signal Design (MSD), Phase Lock Loop (PLL), Analog-to-Digital Converter / Digital-to-Analog Converter (ADC/DAC), Radio-Frequency (RF) Circuit, Microwave Antenna, Electromagnetic Compatibility / Electromagnetic Compatibility Interference (EMC/EMI), System & Intellectual Property (S&IP).
  • Communication and Signal Processing
    • Communication Systems, Digital Communication, Coding Theory, Network Communication, Mobile Communication, Wireless Communication, Wireless Video Communication, Wireless Internet, Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia Signal Processing, Signal Analysis and Filter Design, Microwave Engineering.
The department has been supporting the Research Center for Power Electronics and Sustainable Energy and the Integrated Multimedia Communication and Systems-on-Chip Lab, which enhanced its relationships with other departments. We also provide further research opportunities for senior company personnel and a cultivation plan for companies to enhance industrial production. We have a long-term plan of researching integrated mechanics and electronics, electrical energy control, automatic control, computerization and communication, and System-on-Chip technologies.

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